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welcome to pplus care

PPLUS CARE is a registered NDIS service provider with the vision to reach out to adults with disability to provide them with effective care that enriches their daily lives.

Assistance in daily activities

  • Personal care; support with showering, toileting, dressing and grooming
  • Domestic assistance; with cleaning, washing and grocery shopping
  • Day-to-day management of medications

Developing life skills

  • Healthy meal planning and preparation
  • Maintaining cleanliness in-home
  • Maintaining personal hygiene

Community Participation

  • One on One companion support
  • Getting out and about to community
  • Community Outing to events

Our Mission & Vision

PPLUS CARE will support people living with disability to optimise their quality of life. The aim is to promote the independence of participants through meaningful personal and social activities. PPLUS CARE’s services are based on values of respect, integrity, accountability and trust.

We provide one-on-one companion support

We work with you to reach your goals

We are experienced, patient and highly trained

Our Services

What We Do

PPLUS CARE – Home and community services to support you with your NDIS plan.


Assistance with Personal Activities


Assistance with travel & Transport


Assistance with Daily tasks & Shared Living


Assistance with household tasks


Participating in the community


Developing life skills

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How to use PPlus Care

If you are signed up with the NDIS, applying to use our services is very simple.


I am a proactive person with a passion to work and care for people in the disability sector. I grew up with a family member with a disability which has inspired my desire to help others. I have been working in this sector for over 12 years. My vision is to be a caring Disability Support Worker using my passion to improve the quality of the lives of people with disability through the services and support I provide. I am patient, friendly and highly trained to provide focussed individual care that is person-centred, assisting people with disability to live independent lives.



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